Steady as she goes…Well as WE go…

While gently gliding down the slopes snowboarding I always hum the tune “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconteurs because I’m no pro like Cody who bombs the hill. The song helps me keep my focus and frankly not fall on my ass.

As a new Mom I’m essentially doing the same thing. I like to think of myself as a professional multi-tasking guru but when trying to get out of the house with a new little one it takes a lot of patience, planning, determination and stuff (stroller, car seat, diaper bag, diapers, extra clothing, on and on).

Yesterday after getting out the house (steady as we go…) I was actually running a few minutes early. So I stopped by Hava Java for a house brewed half-caf jumbo iced tea. While exiting the cafe, free of any incidents, the jumbo iced tea exploded on the floor around me. As the old timers and the Camelback Corridor real estate professionals who frequent Hava Java smirked at my accident, I felt self consciously like a clumsy mom with a huge trendy stroller and unneeded beverage around my shoes. The gal behind the counter felt very strongly that the cup had a crack in it and swiftly made me a new tea. But I think she felt bad for me, likely because I always tip her. Thankfully I believe in Karma and tipping always is good Karma and WILL help you one day. After claiming my fresh iced tea I hurried to the Yukon.

I finally made it to the destination of where my mommy friend Brooke and I were meeting.  Brooke’s son August Gunner is one week younger than Gwen. So we not only were preggo buddies, we are momma pals too.

While pulling into the parking garage the sign indicating the size of car allowed in made a horrific noise on top of our Yukon. Opps. I have been in this very garage hundred times with this same car but for some reason the sign is lowered and on this particular day hit the top of the car. I swear. The Yukon is THANKFULLY fine. So a few moments later laughing about my “accidents” Brooke and August arrived and our play date started. On the agenda: a long walk in Old Town Scottsdale with the tourists, lunch @ Orange Table, and hanging out in the park at Scottsdale Mall by AZ88.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. We had some needed new mommy talk, some sunshine, an out of the house high with a little exercise and window shopping to boot. Late in the day we found a nice shady park bench and had a little down time with our babes. Gwen is officially the “wiggle worm” of the outing as you can see in the photo. August was content on his little matt not making a peep where as Gwen is moving and grooving for her pooty (binky) squirming and worming around.

Moral of this post. I love Jack White of The Raconteurs for penning my anthem that gets me down the slopes and out of the house  in one piece and am so thankful to have a mommy pal Brooke to laugh off our new mom blunders together. Stay tuned for more August and Gwen updates.

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