Ode to Poppa Bears

Yesterday Brooke and I were sitting at America’s Taco Shop on 7th Ave this AM enjoying our weekly mommy outing and time with our little ones. Per usual Gwen was being squirmy and wormy and little August was minding his own business being adorable and sleepy. Needless to say Gwen had a big time incident that was less than lovely…click here for image just prior to incident…But I won’t make my third blog post about poop…because I’m sure there will be many more poop stories to come. HA….
Today is my Dad – Russ Doucett’s birthday. Being a parent myself now has made me see my parents in an entirely new light. My Dad was the Dad always “up to something” as my Mom would put it. He is a handy dude, able to work on anything with an engine, not to mention electrical work, wood work, just about anything you ask him to figure out, he was my go to helper with anything related to history homework, was our coach (from t-ball to hockey to sideline tips) and an all around supportive poppa bear.

I have so many fond memories I have shared with my Dad. He was always willing to the the time to explain situations to us, buy me ice cream when I was sad, give me sidelines tips, take the time to laugh and play with us and I could always smile my way into getting him to buy yet another giant stuffed bear that I had to have. He never raised his voice and is supportive of you in all your endeavours. My friends (from elementary school up to college) all loved being around my Dad. He would cook their steaks they way they liked them (well done for Megan) and he was the life of the party during Dad’s weekends at U of A (infamous bar tabs at Dirtbags and Gentle Bens).

Now that we have Gwen he gets to be “Poppi” and show off his softer side. Every night I sit in an antique rocking chair feeding Gwen and rocking her to sleep. My Dad bought this chair at  an auction years ago in near our home town (upstate, NY). I love this chair. The wooden arms are the prefect length, the wood is broken in and it has just enough creaking noise as it rocks. I think of my Dad with every perfect creak the chair makes.

I wish my Dad the happiest of all birthdays. I know he is going to be the best grandfather ever. He was the best Dad a girl could ask for. He was our advocate, our coach, our history tutor and was always available for whatever we needed. He taught me to be strong, to trust my gut, to love my family, work hard, play hard and to question authority.
He has already been a great grandfather and I know Gwen already adores him. 
Cody and I are both lucky to come from families with strong father figures. From these amazing men I know Gwen is lucky to have a great Dad and two wonderful grandfathers (and grandmothers). Cody is an amazing father already and I can’t wait to see how his relationship with Gwen grows. I already recognize the same ease, laughter, dedication and gentleness that he has with Gwen that my Dad has with me. I’m a Daddy’s girl and lucky enough to have my Dad live close to me again (just a few houses away) and to have married a great man who not only my best friend but is our daughters hero just like my Dad is mine.
Happy birthday, Daddy. XO Jennabee

One thought on “Ode to Poppa Bears

  1. Jenna, what a great tribute to your Dad. Beautifully written, very heartful and soulful. Your Dad will be very proud of you.

    love and hugs,

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