Learning to Speak Gwen

Gwen is a bubbling seven weeks old. She is brilliantly coohing up a storm and smiling to make everyones heart melt. I’m convinced one of her coohs is actually her saying “hi” because after all she is brilliant.

Gwen started to really “play” this week. My dear friend Mikaela bought a wonderful learning toy piano that Gwen kicks to engage the music and lights. Mikaela of course bought this to be the first to lend to Gwen’s future profession in the music industry. I think she might already be a piano savant and will soon have her own recording album.

Along with her kicking, coohing, smiling Gwen’s personality is coming out more and more. All in all Gwen is a happy baby with lots of personality. She loves to look out the window when on her changing table and will let you know when she is hungry. She sleeps in hilarious positions usually with her arms above her head and head tilted back dramatically.

As new parents Cody and I are learning to speak Gwen. We are starting to get the hang of her distinct language and learn that some coohs are actually mini conversations Gwen wants to have with us while others are simple toots of gas.

We had another baby buddy outing with Brooke and August this week. August is getting cuter by the minute and stayed awake most of our visit. Gwen showed her displeasure in our venue location cried the first few moments while we sat at The Good Egg.

Two men in ties were having a meeting in the booth next to us as she fussed. Instead of being annoyed, glaring or making rude remarks one of the business dudes actually turned to interact with Gwen and distracted her from her anger for a moment before we quickly got her a bottle.

After a nice delicious bottle Gwen calmed into a lovely slumber in her buggy. One big learning curve I am happy to announce is that I have learned to NOT leave Gwen in her car seat when out and about. Gwen HATES her car seat. If the car is moving she will remain calm in her locked down seat, because of course she understands safety comes first. If in her stroller or placed in a stationary position in her car seat she will have nothing to do with it and wants out…fast. I guess she just prefers her lovely ‘carry cot’ feature of her bumble ride. I mean really that is why I wanted the damn thing so I should be happy!

Since Gwen was finally calmed down and napping and August as a good little man that he is was happy and content we decided to change our outing plans. Again learning to speak a little Gwen. Instead of pushing our luck and taking the babies to the Phoenix Art Museum (one of my favorite places in Phoenix) Brooke and I strolled to a near by Starbucks and hung out with the babies in the shade. The kids didn’t get their dose of culture we had hoped but Gwen got a great nap, I got to hold August and bond with him and Brooke and I enjoyed one of the last warm but not smoldering hot days in Phoenix.

Ohh I think Gwen also turned the charm on with August and is starting to have her first crush. More August and Gwen pics below! August Gunner on the left and Gwen Ryan on the right! Adorable!

Check out the Daily Cub page for new Gwen photos 😉

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