Gwen vs Car Seat

Gwen officially HATES her car seat.

Take her in her car seat outside of the car. OMG. You will ruin her. She will scream and be so red in the face I worry. Do other babies hate their car seats? Or is it just mine? Because seriously people, it seems like every other baby I see out there LOVES their car seat.

I am envious of all these Mom’s I see with their small infants sound asleep in their car seats while they shop for grocery’s or during dinner or at target. Gwen refuses. When the car is moving there is a 50/50 chance she will be okay and stair out the window. When the car is motionless, forget it. She screams.

However, there is a catch. Because there is always a catch. If said baby is in the car seat and in a public space that is LOUD she settles into a peaceful slumber. Example: Postino…this place is baby heaven. The music is just loud enough that all the customers are talking slightly louder than normal and then the general static noise. She will sleep in her car seat at Postino and Becketts Table.

I think Postino should record their ambient noise and sell it to Mom’s. I would buy it and put speakers in Gwen’s car seat and play that Postino recording on repeat. Until then….we will avoid Safeway, Target or any other place that isn’t loud.

Due to Gwen’s pure hatred for her car seat I have mastered wearing her in our ERGO baby. Which she does like, thankfully.

I know other people must have this problem and they just won’t fess up….

Check out Gwen’s official 2 Month old photo here and take a look at her fun moments in the Daily Cub page!

2 thoughts on “Gwen vs Car Seat

  1. I have certainly heard of other babies that dislike their car seats. You aren’t alone. :o) Evin liked his, but I’m sure the stubborn baby in my belly will hate theirs. I bet she just wants to see all the action!

    Have you tried putting her in her stroller yet?

    • I haven’t tried her in “just” her stroller. I’ll have to try that. When is that allowed? At what age 🙂

      She does like her bassinet feature on her stroller, thankfully!

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