Shots Suck

The impending doom was upon us. We knew it was coming. Gwen had to get her shots at the pediatrician this week. Brooke warned me that it would be a delayed reaction. She was right. Little Gwen was all cute, happy and cooing while lying on the bench.  She didn’t know what was coming, but I did. The nurse pricked her three times (one vaccination was flavored and provided orally which Gwen enjoyed why can’t all vaccinations be flavored and provided in a little feeding spoon to the babies??).

Once the prick would happen Gwen would look at me and then wail. This was a new cry all together and it broke my heart. Her face got super red and she held her breath. The nurse looked at me and said “I have had babies turn blue before” I thought sweet….my baby is holding her breath she is in such pain. Reminds me of labor…..

I picked her up and she turned into a little Koala bear and clung to me. After getting her dressed she was super happy to have her binky to sooth her. I put her favorite soft white bear on her chest and she clung to it. My little girl was hugging her teddy bear. It was so sweet I almost died. Because the Dr. office was backed up Cody had to get back to work prior to the shots so I snapped this photo and sent it to Gwen’s Poppa so he knew she was A-OK.

She was a little upset the rest of the day but we got through it.

If you live in AZ you know that May 18th and 19th were two of the most glorious days of the year. The 18th was raining and the desert smelled amazing and the 19th was clear blue skies with a slight cool breeze. Brooke and I took advantage and walked our little babies to LGO for some final Mommy & Baby outing time before it’s back to work. See photos below!

We both head back to work in about a week. Where have these 12 weeks gone? So fast. I feel like we just brought her home. So I’m busy finishing up my “to-do” list of organizing and “nesting” before heading back to Terralever. Personally I’m sad to leave my beautiful bubbling daughter who is growing and changing so fast. But professionally I’m happy to be heading to a job I love, in an office filled with people I value working with and for.

Cody will be home for a few weeks with our Panda Cub. Playing Mr. Mom. Love it. So little Panda Cub and her Papa Bear will be bonding. I’ll be jealous but happy that he is able to spend some of these precious moments with her. Especially with her personality coming out so clearly these past few days and week.

The next round of shots will hopefully be when she is 20 years old and can go to campus health on her own. I’m dreading shots from now on. That I know.

Outing with Brooke & August! August and Gwen actually noticed each other this visit from across the booth. It was adorable and maybe their first crush…

2 thoughts on “Shots Suck

  1. I love the photo of Gwen holding her white bear. I cannot believe 12 weeks have passed so quickly. She is so adorable.

  2. Shots suck !! She looks so cute with her white bear and her binky in her mouth. I’m glad the doctor’s office at least use glitzy band aids ! It’s the least they can do after making Gwen cry !

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