A Week of “Firsts”

Cody, Gwen and I have had pretty big changes the past 10 days. We had lots of firsts happening all the way around. Here is our list:

  1. Jenna went back to work
  2. Cody is staying home from work (4 weeks)
  3. Gwen took her first road trip to Tucson (equally amazing to see family and friends as it was hard to have a fussy baby outside of the house who still hates her car seat)
  4. Gwen moved to her crib
  5. Gwen got her first “younger” cousin – welcome Brynn Lee Strunk
  6. Max’s life is the same, but we didn’t want to leave him off our list

Yep, I’m back at work. So far so good. The first day I cried the entire time I was in the shower before heading to the office. Thankfully Cody is home with Gwen for a few weeks so I didn’t have to drop her off to daycare (yet). Work however is going great. I’m happy to be busy and have amazingly supportive co-workers and great clients (new and old). So work is good.

Cody is spending some time as super Dad at home. His first words to me as I walked in the door after going back to work were “Honey I don’t know how you did it, she kept me busy all day long.” Made me feel good. Because I must say being a stay at home Mom with an infant doesn’t provide as much “down-time” as I had thought. At least not with Gwen. She is a busy bee. That whole the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is true with our daughter. Cody is doing great and falling into his routine with Gwen and even doing some outings with her which is always easy.

Over Memorial Day we went to Tucson to visit Shuga and Papow (Cody’s parents). We were excited for Gwen to meet her family and nervous of the 99 mile trip to Tucson. Gwen is famous for hating her car seat. She screamed from our house to the freeway, stayed calm on the freeway and then screamed the entire way from the freeway to Cody’s parents’ house on the East Side. Gwen calmed down but was so excited about being in Tucson didn’t stick to her nap schedule while visiting. So sadly we had a very fussy baby on our hands. Hopefully her next trip to Tucson she will be full of giggles, smiles and coohs instead of fussiness and crying. So our first road trip was as expected. We packed practically our entire house, Gwen still hates her car seat most the time but it was worth it all to see Cody’s family cooh over the baby all weekend.

Gwen has officially moved out of her bassinet to her crib! With ease and grace I will add 🙂

We welcome Miss Brynn Lee Strunk to the family. Proud parents Lynnea and Shiloh are handling the transition to parenthood like pros. We stopped over when Brynn was just 5 days old and they were calm, cool and collected. Brynn is adorable and we can’t WAIT to watch Brynn and Gwen grow up together being adorable and probably a little bit of trouble. 

That is what is going on with this little family. Looking forward to some rest this weekend and quality time getting smiles and snuggles out of Gwen and giving my temporary stay-at-home poppa a break.

Check out new photos of our little panda on her Daily Cub page!

One thought on “A Week of “Firsts”

  1. My favorite photos of Gwen are with her U of A little WilDcat shirt on ( One happy, happy photo and the other one screaming… so,so mad !)

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