Little Miss Personality

Gwen is 14 weeks and full of personality. She went through a few hard weeks trying to find her way. Fussier than normal, hungry then not hungry, sleepy then not sleepy. Last Saturday (6/11) was her turning point (I’m late getting this post up!!). Cody and I enjoyed a mellow evening at home on Friday and awoke on Saturday with our energetic bundle of bubbles and goos, Miss Gwen.

She is always happy in the morning fully of little baby kicks, big smiles and lots of noises. This day we got up, had healthy breakfast for all did some house cleaning up and realized an amazing thing…We had NO plans for the day. Quickly we contemplated what to do. Then settled on a nice lunch out and inviting friends in for dinner. We planned our day perfectly I might add.

We went to our favorite local spot for some delish grub (Postino, of course). Then we got a last minute and welcomed invite to go down and check out Lucky Strike bowling alley with our friend Tim, his girlfriend Danielle, and my brother Joe. We have never been to Lucky Strike and since Gwen slept through our lunch out we decided to give it a go. To much of our delight Lucky Strike is clean, new, and baby friendly. Gwen smiled and coohed for Danielle and was a delight to hang out with while bowling. I officially was the worst bowler of the bunch but didn’t care. We were having a very successful Saturday filled with fun activities with friends, each other and most importantly our HAPPY baby.

That night we had our friends Casaundra and Patrick over for dinner who were recently engaged. Gwen was also a good girl for them. Smiling and interacting with them. She was a little fussy when Cody was putting her to bed, but all in all I have to say it was our most successful Saturday since Gwen has been born. We ran errands, cleaned the yard (Cody), the house (Jenna), had a lunch date together, bowled with friends at a hip new spot, and entertained friends who live in our neighborhood for dinner. AMAZING. We hope you also had just as an amazing weekend!

Talk soon!

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Personality

  1. It has been so much fun watching Gwen change and start to develop her personalty.
    She has brought alot of smiles and laughs into our lives, my question is how did we get by without her. Love you Gwen. YaYa

  2. Love the Gwen blowing bubbles photo. Isn’t she delicious !! She is indeed a happy baby … and growing so fast. Love you Jenna, Cody and Gwen !

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