Cool Kid on the Block

Cody and I like to think that we are “hip” parents. Our daughter is less than 4 months and has a full closet featuring an array of style. One day she is girly, the next tomboy cool followed up with hipster baby. Today she is showing her true wildcat pride and rocking her wayfarer’s that her Aunt Gneiss bought for her. Because Gneiss not only keeps me hip she is keeping the newest member of the family on the cutting style edge. I mean could there be a cooler baby on the block?

Gwen had a great week with her Dad at home after celebrating their first Father’s Day. She visited his office, took some long naps and also fussed just enough to make both Cody and Gwen happy to see me when I walked in the door after work. It is getting hot (relative term) in our home town of Phoenix so Gwen will be spending most of her time indoors in the coming weeks but when out and about she will be rocking her shades and little hat to protect those beautiful blue eyes and fair skin.

Don’t forget to check out the Daily Cub page with new Gwen pics. I’ll be uploading more this weekend.

Cheers from Gwen’s hip parents

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