Saying Goodbye

We lost an amazing lady last week. Cody’s maternal Grandmother Frances Strunk passed away at 86. Frances was one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.

Cody of course has millions of amazing memories with his sweet Grandmother over the years but I was blessed also to know her and have her as part of my family over the last six years.

Frances was the epitome of Western Style to a little gal from upstate NY like me. She was raised in the Wild West in the rough and tumble world of cattle ranching in Patagonia, AZ. Her family has a long pioneer history and were original settlers in AZ back in the cowboy and Indian days. The black and white photo is of France and Cody’s Grandpa Bob in the early part of their marriage – they only had a two week courtship! 

I know Gwen will love to hear the stories about Frances when she grows up. They are stories that make amazing movies: Wild West settings, ranching, raising a family in AZ, a successful 67-year marriage, a career women and mother. Frances was ahead of her time and felt nothing was more important than family. Which I will be sure her Great Granddaughter Gwen knows all about.

To me Frances always looked the part of a classic Western lady – she was always dressed fashionably and up on the times with her style but always had a little bit of western flair to her outfit. Sometimes a piece of turquoise jewelry, sometimes a great western belt or a huge amber cocktail ring. Frances always was polished and poised.

She will be greatly missed at all of our family functions in the future. I’m sad to see the Strunk/Rutschman family without their leading lady. We will all forever miss you, Frances.

5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

    • She was the best! I am happy you like the post. We love you and can’t wait to see you again soon. Big hugs from all of us. Gwen sends loves of love to her Shuga 🙂

  1. So very sorry to learn of your loss. Cody a special hug for you. Jen, I know how you bond with those you admit and love deeply so, of course, a special hug for you too. The loss of one you love leaves an empty spot in your heart. I will be thinking of you all and may Grandmother Frances rest in peace with all those she has now joined. My loving thoughts to your families. Paul sends condolences also. We love you guys, Aunt Jo
    A squeeze and smooch for Gwen.

    • Very nice tribute Jenna. She was all you said for sure. You’re all such a loving family, I’m sure her traditions will go on in the family for Gwen and Brynn, Melanie and all future little ones joining the Strunk family. God Bless all of you..

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