Laughing Through Motherhood

It has been a rough week for little Miss Gwen. She got her first cold on Sunday evening and then to add insult to injury had her 4-month shots on Tuesday, which gave her a temperature. I’m happy to report she is on the mend and feeling better. She is 15 pounds already!! Already doubled in size since she was born which is amazing. Full of smiles, bubbles and lots of baby talk.

As for me, I’m fooling myself again. In my mind I’m a stylish, put together, hip, organized superwomen of a mom. However, just to prove to myself that I’m still slightly left of normal I had a total first time mom moment (again) this week.

On Monday I took Gwen to the doctor to get her cold checked out. While in the waiting room I was walking around with her since she was a little fussy from her stuffy nose. Per usual there was a fairly full wait room and many of the other parents watched as I walked Gwen around. I felt slightly self-conscious of their friendly stairs but figured they were checking out my adorable baby.

As I enter the room to meet with Dr. Strubble the lovely nurse looked at me and said “are you aware you have a rip in your pants?” Uhhhh, no, no I’m not aware of a “rip” in the ass of my cords. So I turned to look at my backside and notice that my bight blue grandma undies are in plain view….Yeah those parents weren’t checking out my cute baby and thinking I was a stylish momma, they were looking at my bight blue undies thinking “that is a first time mom” whose ass isn’t fitting in her pre-baby pants just yet….sweet.

I texted Cody and of course provided him a good laugh. The nurse assured me that it happens to everyone and gave me a pat on the back.

5 thoughts on “Laughing Through Motherhood

  1. Love your insight, we have all been there, it’s almost identical to my story of losing my slip in the doctor’s office, and yes I did wear slips. We will catch up this weekend. Love you my fishy kid, you and Cody are doing a great job. Gwen is a happy baby, what more could you ask for.

  2. Amber, Dusty, & I always laugh about how as Mom’s we make sure our babies are dressed to a “T”, which leaves no time for the mama to worry about how she looks.

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