First Christmas Tree

We are loving the cooler weather in AZ. Cody and I have been busy decorating the house and getting a tree. We love holiday season and if you know me well then you know I’m not afraid to play holiday tunes. We are looking forward to Gwen’s first Christmas and New Years. Gwen had a rocky Thanksgiving…She came down with an upper respiratory virus when we were visiting Cody’s family in Show Low. Needless to say it was very stressful few days and included a trip to the ER to get a breathing treatment. Gwen was the hit of the ER and everyone loved coming in to see her. Even when sick she is the Bell of the Ball

Happy to say that Gwen is 100% better and back to eating, sleeping and smiling like always. Cody and I feel like seasoned parents now. We had our first weekend holiday trip diaster with a sick baby. Thankfully home was close and when we

She is crawling around the house and gets moving pretty good. She wasn’t as interested in the Christmas Tree as we expected her to be. But we love it! Gwen is excited for her third tooth which is pretty close to popping through! She is also excited for Santa. We hope you enjoy a few of the xmas tree photos I snapped!

2 thoughts on “First Christmas Tree

  1. Love your photos, Jenna. the one of you and Gwen on the floor is so cute. Sounds like she’s crawling everywhere now. I love the way she puts both hands together and takes off on her belly crawl ! Your tree looks perfect. It will be a fun Christmas… so exciting… Gwen’s first. See you Christmas Eve!

  2. Love your notes and pics Jen. Gwen is such a love – it comes thru in every photo. “1st” every holiday is wonderful but as they grow there is always something special. Enjoy them all – I know you will……..

    Beautiful tree – wait until all the decorations are on, she will be even more attracted. [non-breakable on the lower branches saves little fingers when she decides to “pick” one off.]

    Would love to be in Phoenix again this year but also want to be with Grams.

    Love you all.

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