We love a good DIY

Who doesn’t love a good DIY (do-it-yourself). I was busy decorating the house with fun ideas I got from Pinterest.com and Cody even got into the holiday spirit with a DIY project. His projects always have much more purpose than mine. They usually are completed to really serve a purpose and fill a gap in our needs around the house.

Here is the run down:


Having 8 adults over for Christmas Eve dinner, most of them are louder than normal adults (counting myself as one of the louder than norm) and all will have been drinking yummy adult beverages which tends to increase the volume.

Problem One:

Our house is small…So if all said 8 adults are in the house our lovely 9 Month old babe Gwen will not sleep making for a very unhappy 1st Christmas.

Problem Two:

Our house is small so the only secondary eating area is our porch.


Wrap the porch with a vinyl and place ground heater in there to keep guests toasty!

The solution got even better though. Cody has worked for Clear Channel Outdoor in Phoenix for years. So he asked his operations team for a used (but clean) vinyl that was going to be recycled. They gave him a GEM. Seriously.

Cody unwrapped a 14 x 48 foot billboard in our backyard and to our wonderous surprise it was a Disney “It’s A Small World” Themed board. I mean the odds.

So our backyard turned into a winter wonderland for our guests. So much fun! More Winter Photos to come!

2 thoughts on “We love a good DIY

  1. it was indeed, a beautiful porch transformed to a winter wonderland for Jenna and Cody’s Christmas Eve dinner. Beautiful. We had a ball and appreciaate all the work that goes into making such a special Christmas Eve. Gwen loved every minute of it and was the highlight of the holiday !

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