Swimming VS Bathtub

Gwen has had three swim lessons which have gone as such:
1. Sick and we had to cancel
2. Loved it 75% of the time, even laughed after going under water and willingly jumped/leaned in from the side of the pool
3. Cried essentially the entire time and had a pooh-pooh moment that had us wrap up swim lesson a little early

So we will see how next week goes…

Bath time however is super fun. She plays, chats, splashes and had a grand old-time. I’m not giving up on swimming. I know there is an inner fish in there. I mean I was going off the diving board at 2 🙂

Gwen is very chatty. Almost 16 months.

She uses baby sign language and says words like “more” with her sign language. She says, Momma, Dadda, Ducky, NO, yeah, Hi, Bye, Poppi, Ya (we think this is for yaya) and Moahway which seems to signal when she wants her hippo. She also blows kisses which is ridiculously cute.

She had her first extremely successful Skype tonight. We were on skype with Cody’s Parents, Shuga and Papaw, Shuga requested a kiss and Gwen went up to the screen and kissed precisely where Shug was. It was adorable.

Still having a ball with our little panda. She keeps us on our toes. Not walking yet, but will be soon and then our life is over. We are well aware of that 🙂

Check out our photo booth and daily cub pages for some new pics!

3 thoughts on “Swimming VS Bathtub

  1. Life does not end when they start walking. I always enjoyed it more because they become more independent and you don’t have to carry them as much! Plus, the waddle is too cute. You’ll like it… :o)

  2. The story of the swimming lessons is hilarious ! I can picture this so clearly ! Love this story of week # 1 at the pool !

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