Gwen N’ Momma

Cody took a long weekend away with his buddies this weekend. Celebrating a pending wedding for our friend Dylan he and the boys hit the town in Austin, TX. Gwen and I spent the weekend at home, at the park, with my parents and friend Mary Beth who was also solo with her munchi’s.

Spending time alone with Gwen is so fun, funny and busy! She is growing so fast. She loves talk talk talking. She insisted on wearing her blue tutu today and she surprises me daily with her smarts, wit and¬†dazzling personality. Gwen is just shy of 19 months old and I can’t believe it.

She is teething and picky with food. Very observant of her surroundings and loves her “bike” her dad bought her. She is busy but loves to sit quietly and look through her books, one by one.

Enjoy her latest picks. We can’t get enough of her.