Super Baby G

Gwen is our super hero toddler. She can change emotion faster than a teenage girl gossiping with friends. And can change her mind regarding her favorite food in the middle of eating (used to LOVE strawberries, now acts like they are poison).

She also picks up words and mimics her Dad and I in lighting speed (watching curse words big time). Gwen is running through the house and having so much fun her face her bright red and she belly laughs. It is ohh so good.

For that fact we decided she would be “Super Baby G” for Halloween. Tutu, Gg shirt and a homemade cape I made (with a little help from my mom) and we were in business.

Halloween at this age is more for us but we enjoyed her and I enjoyed learning how to make a baby cape. I’m making one for her new cousin Karson (7 weeks old) and a few for the house for playdates. Little super heros are hilarious.

And for fun we got Max a Lion costume šŸ™‚

Happy Holidays!

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