Painting Cabinets….

Pinterest is my friend and foe with this house remodel. Post-Pregnancy brain probably isn’t helping, either. We are looking for a paint color (this is ongoing since ever inch of our current beige, peach, tan, yellow colored house needs to be painted).

We love the idea of white upper cabinets with cool knobs. Done. Easy.

The bottom cabinets are causing lots of Home Depot and paint sample runs. So far we have sampled 6 colors.

Our goal is a contemporary kitchen. Not southwestern. We wanted blue, but that felt it was looking too Santa Fe…so I think we have settled on more of a gray…we will see…

Cabinet color ideas…

Kitchen Cabinet Color

We have the knobs purchased (on sale from Anthro):

Anthro Door Knobs


Progress post to come soon…painting cabinets is no joke!

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