Life Lessons | The Zoo With Two

I am a planner. I like organization. I am a self conscious mom in public. I want to be in control. There I had my therapy for the day.

Today I embarked on my first zoo trip with two kiddos in tow. My sister-in-law and her little 4-month old joined us as well as my Momma. I didn’t do my research and felt very unprepared for the day. My diaper bag was on point for the two kiddos. But my plan of attack at the zoo wasn’t.

Becoming a Mom has made me very aware of a few things. I need to do pre-planning, prep and re-con before outings. I didn’t do my planning for this outing and because of it I was feeling nervous all day. But we did have a good time. A few life lessons learned:

  1. Who knew you could take your own food into the zoo!! I mean really. That would have been nice to know to save $$ and calories. But the cheese pizza was delish and Gwen ate almost all of her lunch.
  2. When in public I feel super judged by other mom’s as my kid throws a half hissy fit for a popsicle. Why do I care? I don’t know…I gave her the popsicle she ate two bites and wanted her lunch. Again, why do I care?
  3. You can’t feed the giraffes until 10:30AM….Opps we were too early for that…I should have figured that out and went there first to keep munchin #1 from having melt-down of “I don’t understand why I can’t go pet the giraffes”…Check mark….Lesson learned.
  4. Gwen is much more adventurous than I thought. She wanted to ride the camel. It kinda freaked me out but we went for it. It was fun. And fun fact….Camels can carry about 3x their weight. Crazy!
  5. My nephew Henry loves being outside. It is adorable and I think he will be a wilderness man one day.
  6. Our little dude Van went in a carrier and he will slept through anything. Essentially the entire zoo trip!
  7. My Mom is a super-star Yaya. Her grandkids choo, smile and Gwen thinks she is the best playmate ever. It is a joy to see. I couldn’t get by without her for sure!
  8. Gwen has great balance…she took a little tumble and I freaked out but she has recovered and didn’t whine at all.
  9. The giraffes, camel (his name was Isaac), lions, tigers, bears, flamingos, monkeys and rhino are all rad…the birds and turtles are too. The elephant however looks sad.

So, I’ll do re-con next time. I’m sure everyone else will have the same amount of fun. But I will be more at ease with my inner Jenna monolog and chill out. I’m such an ESTJ….Welp…Both kids are passed out. Gwen is holding her new monkey toy very tight. I cleaned the entire house in a furry to control something and now I want to know when can I have that glass of wine I promised myself this morning??

Gwen & Momma @ the Zoo


4 thoughts on “Life Lessons | The Zoo With Two

  1. You are wonderful Jenna. I understand the worry and the planning in advance. My idea of a better outing is to have an organized plan of “attack”. I did learn to “roll with the punches” a bit when I had 15 eight year olds in Cub Scouts in NH. You will be a pro by the time you are doing Brownies and Cub Scouts. Love you and this is a super pic of you and Gwen. Love Aunt Jo

  2. It’s no wonder we’re friends. I feel the same way without planning. As the kids get older, you’ll get into your groove a little more and not need as much planning to relax. I hope you’re two glasses in by this point. You’ve earned it!! Oh, and I read an article once about those ‘judgey moms’ and they said that usually, they’re looking because the sympathize not because they’re judging. At that age, every kid has thrown a fit over a Popsicle or lollipop in my case. Every kid. Keep up the good work mama!!

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