2013 – The Year of Becoming Adults

The holidays always bring on emotion of thanks and reflection. As Cody and I remember 2013 something rang true in our minds. 2013 was the year we became a legit adults. Which probably means I should stop using the word legit. But, that isn’t the topic. We started the year with focus. Pregnant with our second child we decided to sell our beloved 35ht Street house. Where we had spent so much time remodeling with our hands, having late (late) night parties, having our first dinner parties, bringing our first dog home, becoming a legit couple, getting engaged thusly married and bringing our first baby home. As we moved into our new house on Mercer Lane it was hot. I mean super hot and I was very pregnant. We embarked on DIY projects the moment we moved in. I started a new job (very pregnant) and the year flew by us.

Gwen kept us laughing the entire year. She is sassy and sweet with wild curly hair and bright blue eyes. We all prepared for the arrival of our little man, Van. He is a sweet baby and has been a delight in our family. Max has continued to have a few ups and down with his health but our old pup all in all is doing great. He still hates tile surface so our completely tiled spanish floor throughout the house has been tricky.

What has made me feel most like an adult wasn’t getting a new job while preggo, or having our second child or even moving to a quite part of town so we could “get more square footage” it was the holiday hosting. We hosted Thanksgiving (with Cody’s family staying several nights with us), Christmas Eve when my sister Shannon stayed several nights with us, a holiday potluck and a few small gatherings here and there. The entire time I felt more confident as a host knowing what to cook that we could get done easily but would still be delish, what wines to buy that taste great but won’t break the bank and how to plan the nights/days for prepping. It was crazy. We pulled off the holiday season without a hitch all while having two kids, a house guest and a barking dog.

We spent NYE home with the kids, cooked crab legs & a rib eye and chilled. Rather than hosting friends we spent the evening chatting with each other and laughing about our cute growing family and our crazy year. Thank you to everyone in our lives for all the help, love and support you gave us. We truly had a busy but fantastic and rewarding year. It gave us a few more lines on our faces and gray hairs but we loved every minute. Well…moving on the hottest weekend of the year in AZ kinda sucked but we survived.

Some Fun Facts of 2013:

Gwen asked Santa for a ChooChoo Train and a Pirate Ship. She also got a push bike and a circus tent (amongst many many more toys).

Van was born several days past his due date and weighed a whopping 8 pounds 15 onzes

Van loves to rub his head with his hands before he falls asleep and is an aspiring thumb sucker like his sister.

Gwen insists on us singing twinkle twinkle little star every night…many times. Usually making Cody.

Cody has painted almost every room in our new house.

Jenna took her sewing skills to a new level making Gwen’s Toodee costume.

We went to less concerts this year than we have any other year since we met. But, we did go see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE. Biz Markie was there so that helped.

Gwen LOVES wearing her fake glasses. It is hilarious.

Gwen’s Funny Quotes of the Year:

“Carebears don’t wear socks”

“Momma, I’m the teacher. You are not listening. I tell Daddy, you go in time out.” Response when Momma sang out of turn.

After Gwen tooted and says “I hear my butt!”

Mom: “Gwen you are amazing.” Gwen: “Yes I am amazing.”

“What a mess! Clean this up Daddy.” After Cody dumped a bin of diapers over.

“Isn’t he cute?!?” While looking at her brother Van.

Happy New Year, everyone!! Cheers, Jenna, Cody, Van & Gwen

Gwen & Van Christmas Morning

Gwen & Van Christmas Morning

Gwen and Cody at the park skateboarding lessons.

Gwen and Cody at the park skateboarding lessons.

Van sleeping on his favorite pillow

Van sleeping on his favorite pillow

Van & Momma at Yaya and Poppi's house
Van & Momma at Yaya and Poppi’s house

Gwen playing on the swing set at Uncle Joe & Aunt Lindsay's on Christmas Day.

Gwen playing on the swing set at Uncle Joe & Aunt Lindsay’s on Christmas Day.

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