Sip N See

It is funny people wanting to give you attention when you are hugely preggo and it is a million degrees outside, funny as in it doesn’t sound like fun. So when our friends Gneiss and Dave wanted to throw a little party in honor of our little dude, Van after he was born I was intrigued. They suggested the idea of a Sip N See after he was born rather than a baby shower and we jumped at the chance.

We traveled with the kiddos down to Tucson and had an amazing day. We felt so very loved and got to visit with friends and family the best way we know how, with great tunes, great sunny weather, a few cocktails, lots of catching up and showing off our Van. My friend and freshman year roommate Dani, her hubby Josh and their three kids (plus one on the way) made it to the party and it was great to see our kids together. How time changes from dorm life!

Cody and his highschool friends all came over and we got to see about nine little girls ages five and under run around and play. Van is a happy edition to his crew, the first boy!!!

We want to thank Dave, Gneiss and Ruby for hosting yet another wonderful party and making us feel over-the-moon loved. We love you guys and feel thankful to have such amazing friends.

Pics from the party:

CabanaLove Decor Drinks EggmansandRutschmans Food Spread Food Time Gneiss and Jenna Gneiss and Van Gwen and Addy Playing House Shuga and Van Smore Time Van sleepign during the party