Rock Star & Saying Momma

What a day we have had! Gwen revealed a fun little party trick her Dad taught her. Before signing a song on her little blue guitar (which is really a ukulele) she says “1, 1, 2, 3, 4” I feel like she has a little Bruce Springsteen in her and of course I love it. She sings most of the day and will round the corner to sing with her ukuele and it really could not be cuter. Cody said he taught her the saying weeks ago. One of his favorite pass times is teaching her funny sayings. She has caught the “Frozen” bug and loves watching the movie. I can’t complain as the broadway like tunes make me happy.

Little Van is thinning out and getting LONG! He is creepign super fast and into everything. We had to buy a baby gate/yard thing to help contain him from the step down areas we have in the new house. The all Spanish tile house is a little nerve racking with a creeping little man. He is saying “Dada” and starting using “Momma” when I come in the room or when he wakes up. It makes my heart melt each time.

We are getting ready for a Hawaii vacation for the wedding of our dear friends Jen and Andy. Can’t wait to catch some rays, waves and par-take in some good old U of A fun. Cody and I are meeting with contractors and finalizng our plans for our master bath/closet remodel which is super exciting. Photos of before and after to post soon! Enjoy Gwen’s video & a new photo of our little man Van


Gwen Playing Guitar from Jenna Rutschman on Vimeo.

Van 7 Months

Van 7 Months


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