Van is 9 Months

Van is 9 months old! He is adorbale and saying Momma and what we think is a varyation of Sarah that sounds like arah (his nanny/bestie). He is crawling like a pro, standing and all smiles. Two bottom teeth, a top side right tooth and his two top teeth are attempting to come in.

Van LOVES his big sister, his dog MAX and barfing. This kid can seriously throw up. Now I’m not being annoying or uncaring. The opposite my friend. We have had two ultrasounds, several tests and many many phone calls to the doctor. He just seems to like to randomly barf usually on me. But that is okay. As long as he is ok (which he is) that is what matter.

Gwen continues to amaze us and has an active imagination and vocabulary. She loves to garden (see sunflower photo below), be the leader of our family pack and go swimming. We love watching her grow and she is a great big sister. She shares with her toys well but really does not want Van in her business all the time. The next few years will be amazing with these two.

Should you be curious….Gwen is 3.5 years old and 27 pounds…Van is 9 months old and 21 pounds…he will catch her soon…

Van 9 Months Van 9 Months Van 9 Months Van & Max Van & Max Gwen June 2014 Cody and Van Gwen and her sunflower Van, Daddy & Gwen with her sunflower

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