Van’s Epic First Birthday Party

Van turns one tomorrow (9/23/2014) so this past weekend we celebrated the only way we know how….with a LARGE and super fun birthday party. We had about 40 adults and 19 kiddos running rampid through our house. Everyone laughed, played and celebrated our little man. It was wonderful to see so many of our friends with their little ones. Both sets of grandparents were there along with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Joe and Aunt Lindsay. We head to Tucson this weekend to celebrate with the rest of the family.

Van is very excited to have some toys that are all his own. He got blocks, a little rocking horse, books, clothing and lots of trucks and play cars. Gwen is also pretty thrilled about the new toys.

The skateboard ramp got some use as well as Van’s Tattoo Shop where we set up a temporary tattoo parlor in the back yard. Fun was had by all!!

IMG_0015 IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0042 IMG_0046 IMG_0049 IMG_0069 IMG_0077 IMG_0092 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0134 IMG_0137 IMG_0144 IMG_0186 IMG_0198 IMG_0214 IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0241 IMG_0245 IMG_0247 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0256 IMG_0258 IMG_0259 photo (3) photo (7) photo

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