Holiday Hosting – Thanksgiving

We hosted our second thanksgiving (first was last year). On top of hosting dinner we also hosted Cody’s parents, sister, bother-in-law and darling niece for three nights. I must say it went off without a major hitch. We took an all hands on deck approach. Everyone brought a dish, my sister-in-law made beautiful center pieces and everyone brought a pie. Dinner was delish. Cody grilled two turkeys brining and glazing galore. Well worth the man hours if you haven’t yet brined and grilled a turkey i highly recommend.

Kameron was my right hand in the kitchen. Thankfully because it takes two to pull off the warming, mashing, heating, re-heating, baking that this dinner takes. The turkeys got done early (EARLY) but we stayed on top of it. We played a “thankful” game at dinner filled with notes about thankfulness for health, spouses, children, U of A beating Duke, new houses, graditude for work, laughter, love, delish food and drink. We reminisced and talked of those we missed and wished were with us.

Something that was on topic the entire holiday with myself, Cody, my brother Joe, his wife Lindsay, Cody’s sister Kam and her husband adam was that suddenly we were the parents, the aunts and the uncles. Our parents were letting the holiday reigns over to us (with a watchful eye) and we were the adults. The kids running around laughing and babies coohing all belonged to us. We were no longer the kids.

It is funny how fast it happens. As I try and embrace my new(er) titles of Mom, aunt and sister-in-law I try and keep in mind that my family, my nieces and nephews and my own kiddos will remember the laughter in our home, the welcome voices and holiday music they hear. They will remember playing with their grandparents and chasing their cousins. It isn’t about a perfect day it is about love, laughter and togetherness.

Approaching the holidays I want to keep our door open. Host gatherings, laugh, tell stories cook yummy food and remember it is a season to be thankful. I’m thankful for those who are gathering with me this holiday season and those I miss. Technology keeps us closer together than in past years but I strive to not focus on my next social media post but rather the people who are in front of me.

So I saw roast that turkey, try a new recipe, buy that good bottle of wine and break out the holly and Christmas tunes of Dean Martin & Bing Cosby (or Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers if you are like me). It won’t be a perfect season but we can have some laughs, make some good eats and drinks and tell a few stories.

Cheers to the best season of all!








Painting Cabinets….

Pinterest is my friend and foe with this house remodel. Post-Pregnancy brain probably isn’t helping, either. We are looking for a paint color (this is ongoing since ever inch of our current beige, peach, tan, yellow colored house needs to be painted).

We love the idea of white upper cabinets with cool knobs. Done. Easy.

The bottom cabinets are causing lots of Home Depot and paint sample runs. So far we have sampled 6 colors.

Our goal is a contemporary kitchen. Not southwestern. We wanted blue, but that felt it was looking too Santa Fe…so I think we have settled on more of a gray…we will see…

Cabinet color ideas…

Kitchen Cabinet Color

We have the knobs purchased (on sale from Anthro):

Anthro Door Knobs


Progress post to come soon…painting cabinets is no joke!

Making Mercer Home

We bought our second home this past summer. It feels like a huge deal. We moved to a completely new part of town and have more square footage. The house is current beige. Very very very beige. We aren’t really beige kind of people. So needless to say the entire home has to be covered in paint. Inside and out. The tasks at hand are exciting and daunting. This entire house is BEIGE. I. Hate. Beige.

Why is picking out paint colors so hard? We have a pretty good idea of our vision. We like whites, grays and blues for home paint colors. Our old house was mostly whites, grays and greens aside from my mustard yellow (AKA amazing) bathroom. So you can see we are really breaking the boundaries moving from green to blue.

Here is a current gallery of what we are working with….Just for benchmarking purpose. Please note ALL furniture found in these images belongs to old ass people who owned the house prior to us. We don’t like them. There is legit reasons for us not liking them I will share another day….

Get ready for some transformation. We love it!!!

Backyard 2 Backyard 3 Backyard 4 Backyard Bedroom One Bedroom Two Dining Room Drining Room Fireplace Foyer Front Porch_2 Front Porch Front_2 Front Kitchen & Side Room Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 Kitchen Eating Area Kitchen Living Room 2 Living Room 3 Living Room 4 Living Room Master 2 Master 3 Master Bath Master Office_Loft_2 Office_Loft Room off Kitchen