Halloween -Becoming Toodee

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Gwen asked me where Halloween went. It was funny and then it dawned on me. We started talking about Halloween in August. Asking her what she wanted to be. Telling her about the tradition of trick-or-treating. They talked about it at school, at her grandparents, at our house….her aunt Lindsay and Uncle Joe threw a Halloween party. She walked in TWO kiddo parades the day of Halloween then BOOM. Halloween was over. This year she was dedicated to dressing up like Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba for Halloween. If you don’t have kids Yo Gabba Gabba is an interesting fantasy show about some large puppet characters that live in Gabba land. They have great music on the show apparently Toodee even went to Coachella back in 2010 (video)….and it actually is WAY better than lots of other shows for kids like F’ing Cailou, Dora or even Mickey Mouse Club (which in my opinion is crazy annoying). Did I mention I hate Cailou (the show on PBS – the cartoon kid is annoyingly lame, whinny and mean to his little sister, luckily that phase is OVER). Okay, back to Toodee for Halloween. For some reason they don’t make and sell a Toodee costume anywhere. I mean no where. So I decided to make one. Well I modified one. This is what I did to make Toodee. If your toddler wants to be Toodee too I highly recommend. I would say I am moderately good at sewing, I have been sewing on-and-off with my Mom since I was a kid but really just jumped back in having kids on my own. Here is what I did to make Toodee.

  • Purchased a Blues Clues Halloween costume. It is the perfect blue for a Toodee costume and I could easily add too and reconstruct the puppy into the Toodee costume.
  • Purchased light blue, white and black felt at the local fabric store, along with pipe cleaners and stuffing for the tail.
  • Fist things first I gut the feet out, all the reviews said the feet fell apart fast so I cut those out at the seam
  • Working on the “head” I cut the puppy mouth off at the seam and pinned the ears to look more like cat ears that Toodee has. To make them more pliable I added pipe cleaner in the ears to move them a little. I created side scales that go along Toodee’s face, just make little zig-zag pattern stuff it and sew it on. Easier to do. The scales with your machine over hand sewing.
  • The Blues Clues eyes were all wrong, so using felt I covered up the eyes and hand sewed on new eyeballs to match Toodee’s.
  • The body of the costume needed the most work, I covered up the blues clues pattern belly with white felt and added a mouth and teeth for Toodee.
  • The most challenging part was the scales and tail.
  • Using felt I cut out a zig zag pattern for the scales and tail. The tail you want to keep pretty short so it doesn’t fall on the ground. I used a stuffed Toodee doll to reference in size along with the size of the costume. The tail was about 16 inches long. Sew everything with the machine to ensure the stuffing will stay tight. I sewed it all keeping the right side together then flipped it right side and stuffed it before sewing it onto the costume.
  • Gwen hatted the “clip” part of the head so I took that off and sewed some soft ribbon under the chin so she would be more comfy.
  • To finish her look she wore her Yo Gabba Gabba shoes.

It was a hit and she wears it around the house often. When she enters the room she goes “Toodee is here and ready for the Halloween party!” It melts my heart and makes the costume reconstruction very much worth while.







Happy 2013 – Music Review 2012

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Happy 2013, everyone. Here is the annual music run down! I enjoyed an amazing year of new-artist, old classics and some amazing shows. Cheers!

Jenna’s Music 2012 Run Down 

Top 10 Songs (in no order)

  • The House That Heaven Built – Japandroids
  • Lord Knows – Dum Dum Girls
  • No Tell by Smoke & Jackal
  • Its Time by Imagine Dragons
  • The Only Place by Best coast (off The Only Place album)
  • “45” by The Gaslight Anthem (catchy as all hell & the lead singer sounds hot)
  • Ho Hey The Lumineers
  • Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells
  • All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes from The Haunted Man
  • Forest Whitaker by Bad Books
  • Take A Walk by Passion Pit

Top 5 Albums (in no order)

  • Dum Dum Girls – End of Daze
  • Japandroids – Celebration Rock
  • No Doubt – Push and Shove
  • Tennis- Young & Old
  • The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

Top Concerts

  • No Doubt (Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles)
  • Sleigh Bells (Rialto Theater, Tucson) 
  • Willie Nelson and Family (Celebrity Theater, Phoenix)
  • Japandroids, (The Sail Inn, Tempe, AZ)

All Concerts (no order)

  • No Doubt and Fitz & The Tantrums
  • Bob Log III
  • Martina McBride and George Straight
  • Young the Giant
  • Japandroids
  • The Kills
  • Foster the People (Kimbra and Mayer Hawthorn opened)
  • Cults
  • Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Willie Nelson

Top 4 Songs- Love but overplayed:

  • Simple Song – The Shins
  • We are Young- Fun
  • Anything by Foster the People


Gwen N’ Momma

Cody took a long weekend away with his buddies this weekend. Celebrating a pending wedding for our friend Dylan he and the boys hit the town in Austin, TX. Gwen and I spent the weekend at home, at the park, with my parents and friend Mary Beth who was also solo with her munchi’s.

Spending time alone with Gwen is so fun, funny and busy! She is growing so fast. She loves talk talk talking. She insisted on wearing her blue tutu today and she surprises me daily with her smarts, wit and dazzling personality. Gwen is just shy of 19 months old and I can’t believe it.

She is teething and picky with food. Very observant of her surroundings and loves her “bike” her dad bought her. She is busy but loves to sit quietly and look through her books, one by one.

Enjoy her latest picks. We can’t get enough of her.

Swimming VS Bathtub

Gwen has had three swim lessons which have gone as such:
1. Sick and we had to cancel
2. Loved it 75% of the time, even laughed after going under water and willingly jumped/leaned in from the side of the pool
3. Cried essentially the entire time and had a pooh-pooh moment that had us wrap up swim lesson a little early

So we will see how next week goes…

Bath time however is super fun. She plays, chats, splashes and had a grand old-time. I’m not giving up on swimming. I know there is an inner fish in there. I mean I was going off the diving board at 2 🙂

Gwen is very chatty. Almost 16 months.

She uses baby sign language and says words like “more” with her sign language. She says, Momma, Dadda, Ducky, NO, yeah, Hi, Bye, Poppi, Ya (we think this is for yaya) and Moahway which seems to signal when she wants her hippo. She also blows kisses which is ridiculously cute.

She had her first extremely successful Skype tonight. We were on skype with Cody’s Parents, Shuga and Papaw, Shuga requested a kiss and Gwen went up to the screen and kissed precisely where Shug was. It was adorable.

Still having a ball with our little panda. She keeps us on our toes. Not walking yet, but will be soon and then our life is over. We are well aware of that 🙂

Check out our photo booth and daily cub pages for some new pics!

Baby Curls

Gwen loves her hairbrush. This evening she really didn’t want to get out of the bath tub so she was a little cranky. But her new favorite toy is her hairbrush. So I quickly gave her a little curl mohawk. Pretty cute! Gwen is 15 months. She is cruising, chattering and hilarious. She starts swim lesson’s next week!!

View her latest video at the link below. Password: gwen