No Big Deal….Say it with me. No One Is Perfect

I’ve been reading a lot about the “hate” for the supermom and how no one can live up to this unrealistic supermom image. We can’t do it all. There is always a give and take. That is life. But shouldn’t we stop judging everyone so harshly and stop comparing ourselves to the uber rich and famous?

Here is the deal. No one. Nope no one is perfect. You can compare yourself to Gwyneth Paltrow in a Vogue magazine shoot all day long. But I don’t really think Vogue wants the average American woman to compare herself to styled, exercised, professional actress, who has been in hundreds of photo shoots (a la) Gwyneth Paltrow. Nor should we, she is an uber rich, actress from a Hollywood family who has countless cooks, nannies, trainers, rock star husbands and is friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce…Now no offense but I’m guess the average Mom or any Mom I know is even close to this. I can tell you that I’m none of those things. So rather than hate, I’m going to enjoy her spread in Vogue magazine as what it is…fashion, glamour and entertainment.

But I think we really need to do is stop judging each other so much. If you have perfect hair and your kid appears to be perfect great. If you have messy frizzy hair and your kid does too, great. What I always say to Gwen when something goes wrong. No big deal. I mean it repeat it it helps…NO BIG DEAL. As parents I personally think we are too hard on ourselves and everyone around us for their own decisions.

All Mom’s and Dad’s are working parents. It is called parenthood. Some parents also work outside the home and to do so they have help. Help from grandparents, day care facilities, schools, friends and families. It is ok because I bet the parents who don’t work outside of the home have a little help too.

I recently learned I’m not the best cook. It is too bad because I really like cooking. I can make a mean spaghetti sauce and have a few go to dishes, as my husband pointed out I’ve also made those dish probably hundreds of times. It is when I get a whim and try to cook something random that the bottom falls out. Ohh and I always burn something. Usually the bread at dinner parties. It is a guarantee. Cooking takes practice as does everything. For me in particular I would rather do crafts like sewing than watch TV or practice cooking an elaborate meal. That is just me. Crafting is soothing for me and I have fond memories of crafting with my Mom growing up. It has nothing to do with Martha Stewart. Who, by the way, has a large team of professional crafters doing her crafting and keeping her empire up and running.

Social media hinders a lot of us. We want to post the best picture and the funny quote that will make everyone think we are interesting, our kids are clean and our lives are perfect. I don’t want perfect. Nor do I want people to think I am perfect. Gwen’s hair will be messy, as will mine – it is the fate of curly hair. I will likely forget to put makeup on for work about once a week. I forget to call friend’s back. And I would rather write a blog post than a private diary entry. I will sew halloween costumes not to bug anyone but because I like to do that. I also don’t really watch TV. Which is just me. Cody loves TV so it works out great in our house. He get’s to watch U of A sports (which I also enjoy), soccer, cooking shows and outdoor survival shows that he loves. I would rather play on Pinterest or do a craft. That is just me.

Speaking of Cody, I’m also lucky. I know not all husbands are as supportive (and tidy) as he is. Cody likes to be busy. He enjoys a good house project and likes to cook. He also expects to be 50/50 when it comes to parenting. Thankfully because he is really good at it. He also will fold laundry as he watches soccer on TV. Not because he is perfect but because it was clean laundry that needed to be folded. We are a team. We survive because we are a team.

Anyway, I’m on a rant. It is the holidays. We are all stressed and overtired. But perhaps we should embrace the holiday spirit and stop judging everyone around us. Maybe the mom with perfect hair isn’t trying to bother you. Maybe she just has nice hair. And the Mom who throws a good party, it might be because she and her partner worked hard to host their friends and family to say thank you for all they do for them. Not to be perfect or piss anyone off.

Painting Cabinets….

Pinterest is my friend and foe with this house remodel. Post-Pregnancy brain probably isn’t helping, either. We are looking for a paint color (this is ongoing since ever inch of our current beige, peach, tan, yellow colored house needs to be painted).

We love the idea of white upper cabinets with cool knobs. Done. Easy.

The bottom cabinets are causing lots of Home Depot and paint sample runs. So far we have sampled 6 colors.

Our goal is a contemporary kitchen. Not southwestern. We wanted blue, but that felt it was looking too Santa Fe…so I think we have settled on more of a gray…we will see…

Cabinet color ideas…

Kitchen Cabinet Color

We have the knobs purchased (on sale from Anthro):

Anthro Door Knobs


Progress post to come soon…painting cabinets is no joke!

Making Mercer Home

We bought our second home this past summer. It feels like a huge deal. We moved to a completely new part of town and have more square footage. The house is current beige. Very very very beige. We aren’t really beige kind of people. So needless to say the entire home has to be covered in paint. Inside and out. The tasks at hand are exciting and daunting. This entire house is BEIGE. I. Hate. Beige.

Why is picking out paint colors so hard? We have a pretty good idea of our vision. We like whites, grays and blues for home paint colors. Our old house was mostly whites, grays and greens aside from my mustard yellow (AKA amazing) bathroom. So you can see we are really breaking the boundaries moving from green to blue.

Here is a current gallery of what we are working with….Just for benchmarking purpose. Please note ALL furniture found in these images belongs to old ass people who owned the house prior to us. We don’t like them. There is legit reasons for us not liking them I will share another day….

Get ready for some transformation. We love it!!!

Backyard 2 Backyard 3 Backyard 4 Backyard Bedroom One Bedroom Two Dining Room Drining Room Fireplace Foyer Front Porch_2 Front Porch Front_2 Front Kitchen & Side Room Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 Kitchen Eating Area Kitchen Living Room 2 Living Room 3 Living Room 4 Living Room Master 2 Master 3 Master Bath Master Office_Loft_2 Office_Loft Room off Kitchen